Top 3 Handy Web Analytics Stats Tool

Analytics stats tools are needed after launching a website to examine the targeted users, geo details and traffic source. It helps Internet Marketers to review their campaigns and outcomes which help to build future plans for Web projects and especially for SEO.
I want to share the top 3 tools for reviewing the free premium stats of a website.

  1. Google Analytics
    It’s the most common stats tool. It is used by most webmasters because of its Integration with other handy Google products; like Google Adsense and Google Webmaster tools.  It provides complete details which analyzers need to review websites, such as traffic sources, keywords and content details. We can apply custom stats to track special marketing campaigns. The good thing about it is that a lot of plugins and addons have the option of Google analytics which makes it easier to install on you website.
  2. Piwik

    It’s one of the famous open source tools. It has almost the same features that are needed by webmasters and is almost the same as Google Analytics but the thing that makes Piwik better is that it has more contributors which helps them to have more plugins like live desktop and Andriod stats apps. The drawback is that we have to install it on our own server which has a big process to run it.
  3. Open Web Analytics

    OWA is almost a clone of Piwik and requires own server to install and to use it. They have the same features as Piwik but not as many because they don’t have as many contributors as Piwik. OWA is faster and easier to use than piwik. It requires less of the server and uses fewer resources but it’s less preferable by webmasters due to its limited features.

Their are lots of other helpfull tools on the internet with different benefits or we can make our own custom PHP tool, but I suggested best 3  analytic stats tool  to pick one easily and use it without any hard work and research.


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