Top 3 SEO Blog That Help To Learn Search Engine Hidden Mystery

SEO is the of top task and if you are able to learn secret of search engines it means you are succesfull but if you couldn’t then it means you are going to lose, no matter how good your site is.
Last year I completed a final website project of my school which looked much professional. That design took a lot of hard work and I had to spend much time on making every little detail look perfect. At last I started to add lots of content and withing a few days my website got index on Google and it got some visitors, but I wasn’t satisfied. I tried to get help from a class fellow and he told me to search about SEO and told me about link building. I thought link building was actually SEO because I saw some spam link comments on my website too. So I started to post links on every site and after that I saw my site disappear from Google! Then I found they penalized me on their panda update.
For SEO you have to know all search engine updates plus techniques and tools which require any blog to give complete resources. I want to share the 3 best SEO blogs:

  1. Seomoz
    Semoz provides SEO analytic tools for webmasters but they also have a big section for blogs from where we can get all updates, techniques and guest post that are also much helpful.
  2. Search Engine Land
    It must have read SEO blog which is dedicated to seo news, updates and researches that are much powerful for you website especially in designing an SEO plan.
  3. Search Engine Watch

    It’s a powerful social SEO website where you get a lot of details of marketing and ppc. We can interact with users on the forum and it covers many topics that are marketing related.

All 3 seo blogs above are complete resources for learning helpful secrets and you don’t have to read other blogs that are not that much professional if you follow them.

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