Top 3 Virtual Machine Software for Windows

Virtual Machine Software helps to run multiple (OS) Operating Software on your primary OS. If you’re a trainee or simply want to try your apps or software on different OS at the same time like Mac or Linux with Windows. Virtualization helps to create resources virtually which actual PC needs and it saves the cost of buying another hardware plus it reduces time  to simulate between different OS.


I will share the three best free virtual software with all features you might need it:

1. VirtualBox

It’s one free most featured virtualization software with guest mode, easy file sharing and it is user-friendly.It doesn’t require big PC hardware and can be run on Mac, Linux and windows.

2. VMware Player

A free version of VMware with similar features of VirtualBox. It’s easy to use and can be run on Windows, Chrome and on Linux but has some limitations which you can get on pro version but you will have options that trainee or home user require for practice.

3. Windows Virtual PC

WVP is the official free version of Microsoft that helps to run older versions of windows if some software isn’t available for latest version and you want to run on older like on windows XP. It could help if you want to try any application on all versions of windows but couldn’t run any other OS.

These 3 softwares will help to compare software according to your need easily without confusion or any research. I prefer VirtualBox because it’s complete free virtualization software and I think you should try it  without testing any other software.


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