Top 5 Alternative Keyboards for Android

Maybe you are not happy with your default keyboard, or you just like to customize your phone and give it an extra twist by adding a cool keyboard with more features. There are many different keyboard apps that make it easier for you to type in the way you like best. Take a look at the five alternative keyboards below:

1. Swiftkey

Swiftkey is an award winning app for Android that works with predictive text. This keyboard is extremely good at correcting your typing and guessing at what you are trying to say, and the best part is that it can learn from you by scanning your Facebook posts, Twitter posts, text messages and emails. After a while of getting to know you Swiftkey will understand how you naturally type and it will remember this information. This way it always guesses as accurate as possible.

2. TouchPal Keyboard

This keyboard offers tap functionality as well as slide-to-type functionality. This keyboard also has the T12 mode, which makes multiple letters appear on one key, just like on old cellphone dial pads. The system uses contextual clues to figure out what you were trying to say. The app uses configuration with Twitter, and you can send Tweets directly from the keyboard by tapping and icon on the top row.

3. Swype

Some people like this app, and others absolutely don’t. It offers you a way to connect a line between the letters by swiping your finger from one letter to another. This way you can ‘draw’ out entire sentences quick and easy. The newest Swype updates added predictive typing, which guesses the word that you are typing and Swype now also auto corrects.

4. Smart Keyboard Pro

This app doesn’t have many features like predictive phrases or swipe writing, but it is a good option for people that likes to customize everything. If you are a typist or a writer you will especially appreciate Smart Keyboard Pro. The cool thing is that you can adjust the height of the keys. Some people like their
keys to be small and others like them tall or wide. With this app you can customize it in a way that makes it easiest for you to type quick and efficiently.

5. Thumb Keyboard

This app costs $2.35 and is a good choice if you like to customize because you can set your own background image for the keyboard, select a theme, change the colors and you can choose where the secondary symbols go on the keyboard. Thumb Keyboard can appear in split format for typing on tablets, and in this mode it adds a full number pad and special character keys in the center of the keyboard. This way you can use your thumbs to type, as you would on a smartphone.

If you try enough keyboards you will probably find one that is perfect for you. Not everyone is a fan of the default Android keyboard, and luckily we can customize our phones.

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