Top 5 Alternatives To Paypal

The good thing about Paypal is, is that it is safe, secure and reliable. It makes it easy to send and receive money internationally, and it is easy to use. If you have an email address that is linked to a bank account you can send and receive money, and if it is linked to any method of payment like a bank account or a credit card you can shop online with Paypal. However, don’t think that Paypal is the only online transactions option, there are alternatives out there that are being used more and more today. Take a look below:

1. Payza

Payza, which used to be AlterPay, allows you to receive and send money from over a 190 countries with 21 different currencies. You can add to your Payza account with your credit card or via bank transfer and send money to other Payza users. It is mainly in Canada and the US but the service also allows some credit and debit cards from the rest of the over 190 countries that it supports.

2. Google Wallet

Google Wallet is kind of like a digital wallet, especially if you are in the USA, because you can choose to pay in-store with an Android device that is NFC-enabled. The service focuses on the US the most but it also accepts credit and debit cards from other countries. These days you can also shop online with Google Wallets on some shopping sites, but for this purpose the service is not great.

3. Paymate

This is for people who live in New Zealand and Australia. Sellers can get money from international buyers from lots of countries with Paymate and if you live in Australia or New Zealand you can use Paymate for Ebay Australia or your own website. This costs a small fee, but it is generally cheaper than using Paypal.

4. NoChex

The best thing about NoChex is that it allows you instant access to your funds, and you don’t have to wait for days to get to your money. This is especially a high valued feature for people with an online business, because you can ship fast and much, as you will receive your money right away. One thing that you may not like about it is that it takes a few days to open and verify your account.

5. Payoneer


Payoneer is very different from other services, and it is great for those who like to shop online. When you sign up for Payoneer, a prepaid MasterCard gets sent to your house, and you won’t be charged any fees until you activate it. When the card is activated you can load it with money from your bank or credit cards. The card can be used in a lot of different countries and currencies.

If you are going to use any online transaction service, you should be careful and read all the agreements. Don’t forget that you are giving up personal information.

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