Top 5 Apps For College Students Of 2013

Life as a college student can be tough. Not only is there your education to worry about, but if you live off campus you will also have to think about staying healthy and planning your own things, without your parent’s help. With these apps you will find some extra help in those things.

1. iStudiezPro

iStudiez for iPhone
This app is great for students with a busy schedule. It allows you to put import your class schedule and homework into the built-in planner and alerts you of upcoming deadlines. It is also a great app to keep track of your grades and if you lose track of time it will give you a countdown tot your next class.Nobody needs a school agenda anymore with this app.

2. Scoutmob

Let’s face it: most students are poor and most cheap food is unhealthy (which is the reason why Mexico and the United States have the highest obesity rate in the Americas). This app will help you find the most budget-friendly restaurants off-campus. When you enter a food place your phone will alert you if there is a Scoutmob deal on the menu available, or  if you will be better of eating elsewhere.

3. Share Your Board

If you hate taking notes in class the whole time, this app will help you. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with what is written on the white board, but this app lets you take a picture and then it will adjust the white balanceo f the board and you will end up with a clear picture of what is written on the board.This way you will always be up to date.

4. Kindle

Kindle for mobile
This app has over 1 million books in its database: textbooks as well as fun books. If you like to read and have an iPad, this is a good deal for you. All you do is buy the app and then you can read a book. It remembers where you stopped reading and it even syncs to other devices so that you can stop reading on one device and pick up where you left on another.

5. Rate My Professors

Sometimes you might regret taking a class because the teacher is unpleasant, but with this app you can find over 1  million professors at over 6000 schools in the US, and see how others rated them. Likewise, you can go on the app and help other students by rating your own professors. This way you will always be prepared.

I personally have most of these apps and use them frequently. They come in handy on different occasions and I would especially recommend iStudiezPro and Kindle to all college students.

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