Top 5 Apps for Traveling

Traveling can be very stressful, because there are many things that you have to think about before leaving and once you are on your way you have to deal with certain obstacles. The apps below will make travel easier for you, and help you book hotels, tracks flights, convert currencies and more.

1. Agoda

If you travel a lot for business or if you are on a road trip, this app will help you book last-minute hotels on the way. With this booking app you can use a GPS search or type your location into the search bar and you will get suggestions sorted by rating (but unfortunately, not by price). The app is available for many devices; iPhone, Android phones, iPad and iPod touch.

2. XE Currency

If you are traveling through Europe you usually don’t need different currencies anymore, but if you travel outside of Europe there are many different currencies. This app converses currencies, and it is very reliable, as is the website. One cool thing about the app is that it holds onto the most recently upgraded rate, so that you can still calculate accurately if you find yourself without internet connection.

3. Converse

We all know about Google Translate, but this app is slightly different. It comes with two keyboards on each side of your iPad, so that two people can type and translate sentences tot each other at once. This comes in handy if you want to talk to a receptionist that you don’t have any language in common with, or if your have car trouble and you have to rely on total strangers. So far the app has 7 languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

4. uPackingList

This is a list that helps you list all the things that you want to pack. Of course, you can write down your packing list anywhere that you like, but for the people that are forgetful it can be a helpful reminder, as it has an assortment of common traveling items that you can put on the list, such as ‘camera’, ‘sunglasses’ and ‘shaving cream’.

5. FlightTrack Pro

The app may be $9.99, but if you have it and you travel a lot by plane it is a good investment. The award-winning app integrates with Triplt and imports your flight information so that you can track the status accordingly. The flight maps show you exactly where you are and it also gives you an idea about the current weather. You can share the status on Facebook and Twitter.


Traveling can be fun when you make it easy for yourself. Hopefully these apps will help you on the way. Have a safe trip!

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