Top 5 Auction And Online Shopping Websites

Not everybody likes to go to the mall to shop, some people prefer to shop from their homes. Luckily the internet is full of places where you can purchase and sell things online, but unfortunately not all those websites are reliable as there are many frauds at work. The sites below are popular and safe auction and online shopping sites that everyone should know about.

1. eBay

This is probably the most successful online auction: it has more items and categories than any of its competitors so that you can always find what you are looking for or get rid of what you are selling, and nowdays it even has subsections for things like motors and professional services. Another great thing is that eBay has had over 23 regional sites since 1999, in lots of cities in America and in countries like the UK and Australia.

2. Amazon

If you are trying to sell books, dvds or cds, Amazon is a great place. It is not an auction site, like eBay, so you get what you ask for your stuff at most.Unfortunately you can only sell what Amazon already sells, but you can recommend a new item to the site. The good thing about Amazon, and the advantage that it has over eBay, is the costumer support (they usually reply within 24 hours), and there are generally less frauds than on other sites because it is better moderated.

3. uBid

If you are looking for cheap brand-name merchandise, or if you want to sell it, uBid is the place to be. Auctions usually start at $$1 and include manufacturer warranties. You can save as much as up to 70% on things like electronics, jewelry, and home supplies. Most things that are sold on uBid are brand new and you can get stuff for a very low price.

4. Yahoo! Shopping

This site is slightly different from the sites listed above: it is more of a comparison site. The site contains online shopping listings from various sites and you can see the different prices. Then you purchase it directly from the site that has the best deal, via Yahoo! Also, if you enter your ZIP code the site will tell you the taxes and shipping costs for every item. Yahoo! shoppers can rate sites, so that you know which ones are popular among users.

5. Etsy

If you are looking for something pretty or unique, Etsy is your site. It is kind of like the artsy, creative version of Ebay. People mostly sell their own homemade goods and vintage things on Etsy, such as knitted sweaters, paintings, jewelry and furniture. It is also a good site if you want to get in touch with other creative minds from around the globe.

Amazon and eBay are probably the best online shopping websites out there, but there are many other sites that must not be overlooked. Some people might want to purchase something more specific, and with this list you will most likely find whatever it is you are looking for.

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