Top 5 Educational Apps For In The Classroom

It sucks when you’re in class and you get stuck on something. You can go to Google and search answers, but it is often hard to filter out all the good stuff. With these apps that I listed below you should be able to tackle some of your Math, English, Foreign Language, History and Geography problems in a quick and efficient way.

WordWeb Dictionary

This iPhone and iPad app has 285,000 words, 225,000 word sense definition, 85,000 text pronunciations and 70,000 usage examples.Many online dictionaries are so ridiculously expensive that they are not worth mentioning,and this free app is about as good as most of those.

U.S. Presidents

US Presidents App
If you are in History class and you don’t remember something about a particular president, you can find all the basic information in this app. Not very usefull if you want to do a whole project about a certain president, but it comes in handy if you just need basic information.

Google Translate

If you are learning a new language and get stuck, it can be hard to finish and assignment in the classroom. With the Android Google Translate app you can get an instant translation of everything, wherever you are.


This iOS App is like having your own math tutor in your pocket: it has over 50 math courses for Elementary, Middle and High School math students. If you are preparing for a test or simply got stuck on a math problem, you open the app and are likely to find what you are looking for.

National Geographic World Atlas

The iOS HD Atlas provides the highest resolution images and the greater detail and accuracy, more so than road maps, globes and bound atlases usually do.If you are in the classroom and want to look up the location or name of a place, you just open the app and impress everyone with your knowledge.

Hopefully these apps are of use to you. It can be frustrating to do a big Google search when you are in the classroom, and it is easier to just open an app sometimes. With these apps you will find out most of the things that you want to know while at school.

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