Top 5 Facebook Games of 2013

Facebook is now the biggest social media on internet. Now they have more than one billion registered users and we can see grandparents along side small kids on Facebook. It would be cool if we can play games with chatting and seeing activities of friends. So I wanna share some best Facebook games that are trending in 2013 which I ranked with annoying game invitations of my Facebook Friends.

  1. MiniClip 8 ball Pool
    top facebook game 8 ball pool
    Miniclip pool has more than one hundred thousand views per hour. It allows you to play famous pool game online with a million users on internet. They have some cool tournaments that make the game more interesting plus we can challenge friends on Facebook.
  2. Candy Crush Saga
    top facebook game candy crush
    It’s one addictive Facebook game that is main about sweet candy world. It has more than a 100 level of the adventures candy world plus the new updates that allows to play game online with friends online make it more cool and the best thing is that they have android and iPhone app so we can be busy in candy world anywhere.
  3. Farm Ville 2
    top facebook game farm ville 2
    Love animals? Wanna grow your own chicken and sheep farm then play farm ville because it is a perfect way to build virtual farm and grow animals.
  4. Criminal Case
    top facebook game criminal case
    So wanna show some fbi skills then play this game and see how you can investigate a crime case.
  5. Simcity Social
    top facebook game the sim social
    Simcity Social is just like Simcity; design and build a city without specific goals. Only this time optional goals are included, quests.

I hope you will try some games and share any cool games on comment that you like to play the most.

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