Top 5 Free Antiviruses For Android

Do we need antivirus software on any mobile device, especially Android? The answer is yes. Android’s malware has increased along with the growth of Android and now Android is no longer secure. You are going to want a software that secures your phone from virus and malware threats for sure.

We have made a list of the best antivirus softwares for Android with their ratings:

NetQin Security | Softonic Rating : 10/10   Softpedia Rating : 3/5    CNET Rating : 3/5   Google Play : 4.5/5
NetQin is comprehensive and professional looking. There is lost phone detection and contacts can be backed up easily. This is a very cool security app.

AVG Antivirus |  CNET Rating : 5/5   Softpedia Rating : 3.2/5   Softonic Rating : 8/10   Google Play : 4.8/5
AVG offers the normal features like antivirus, antitheft and privacy protection but it also offers the remote locking of a phone via sms, which makes it somewhat unique. It works great, just like the AVG for pc.

Avast Mobile Security | Softonic Rating : 10/10   Softpedia Rating : 4.2/5  Google Play : 4.9/5avast-antivirus-for-android
This Antivirus software from Avast Mobile security is a great choice to secure your Android phone with. The Avast Mobile security is a combination of antivirus and anti theft apps. It is totally free and comes with different security features such as app manager, privacy shield, an anti-theft function, firewall and call filtering.

LookOut Mobile Security | Softonic Rating : 9/10   CNET Rating : 5/5   Google Play : 4.5/5
Lookout’s main features are anti theft, antivirus, backup phone and lock cam. So it is not only a security app, but also a backup app. It will secure your phone completely.

Dr. Web Anti-virus | Softonic Rating : 10/10   Softpedia Rating : 3/5    CNET Rating : 3/5   Google Play : 4.5/5
Dr. Web Anti Virus Light is a somewhat simplistic free antivirus app for android. It doesn’t offer as many features as AVG or Avast, but it came out second during antivirus tests of, and is a very good security app. For $13 per year a full antivirus app is available, with anti-theft, anti-spam and URL checking options.

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