Top 5 Free Responsive WordPress Themes of 2013

There has been a big increase in mobile and tablet users so that now, in 2013, responsive web themes are in great demand. They can be worked on all gadgets with unique styles without any design flaws. It would be awesome if you could download free html5 and css3 responsive themes with user friendly option panels for theme customization and fully seo optimized. So check below for the 5 best premium free stylish templates at the moment:

  1. JustBlue
    It’s one of the coolest free WordPress theme by with html5 and css3 an has a premium look that can be used for any small magazine or webdesign community or a creative blog. It also has an easy option panel for logo, post pages and navigation customization. You can have some theme stylish widget for sidebar and option for advertising. The final important feature is that the theme is fully seo optimized.
    Download | Demo

  2. Gadgetry
    Gadgetry is a single free theme by It is one of the premium look tech magazine themes that can be used for any technology magazine or blog. It comes with beautiful sliders that work on all gadgets and have a nice option panel to customize templates. It’s also seo friendly with some theme widgets and haw both portal and blog look styles to choose from.
    Download | Demo
  3. Ribbon

    It’s another theme by Mythemeshop with premium looks that can be uses for any community magazine. It has a latest option panel to customize colors and has a nice sidbar widgets with stylish footers. it is seo optimized and has all features that come with any premium theme and we can use it for any big WordPress website.
    Download | Demo
  4. Max Magazine
    Max magazine is a free light responsive theme that hosts on It’s a clean html5 theme with an elegant style for all gadget. It has a few theme options but uses less server bandwitch and can be worked on any server. If you have a small blog website and want to enable a site for all gadget users hen it’s better to use it.
    Download | Demo
  5. Diary

    If you are interested in self blogging then diary theme is thr best option. It’s clean and has a premium look with nice social bookmark buttons. It’s easily customizable and has custom css option. It has built in social media widgets and a premium navigation that makes themes more beautiful.
    Download | Demo

All above themes that I posted can be used for multipurpose. Some might require registration to download them. I hope you all like to use these themes for your websites.

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