Top 5 News Apps Of 2013

The news is like an ongoing soap series: politics, unsolved crimes, wars and all kinds of other drama that never gets old. If you are a news junkie you probably like to be up to date at all times, and with the inventions of smartphones this is very possible. Stick around if you want to find out what the best news apps are.

1. The NY Times

This New York Times app is free for iPhone. The app provides you with a variety of news topics from the Times, and it gives you the opportunity to save news articles for a week. You can read when you are online and you can share articles via Twitter, text and email. Unfortunately the app doesn’t support push notifications, so if you are looking for a breaking news app you may want to look for something else.

2. CNN Mobile

CNN’s mobile app always keeps you up to date with breaking news alerts, and it will notify you about the local weather and local news. It is especially great for those who prefer video news, as it has a wide range of videos (mostly clips from the CNN shows). You can find user-generated content in the special iReport section. This app costs $1.99

3. MSNBC News

Watchers of the Today Show or other NBC News programming will love this app. It is very good about sending out timely breaking news push notifications that are relevant and interesting, and you can switch them of easily if you get annoyed with them. The downside is the use of ads and commercials, because the MSNBC app has a little more of those than most other news apps.

4. NPR News

For the people who like to listen to the news on the radio, the National Public Radio app comes in handy. It focuses mainly on radio news and has an hourly broadcast. You can watch live broadcasts as well as older ones. However, there are also a lot of written news articles available that you can print out or save on email.

5. BBC News

This incredibly popular news network of more than 2000 journalists has its own app now. It sends out breaking news push notifications and it allows you to download news items so that you can read them when you are offline. It is easy to browse through a lot of different sections such as breaking news, technology, business, entertainment, etc.

There are many different people and everyone prefers a different kind of news network. With this list of five apps I hope to have provided you with some good choices. Of course you can also download all of them and be more informed than anyone .

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