Top 5 SEO Softwares Of 2013

Search engine optimization is one of the boring tasks for a web developer but still it is one of the most important parts that help to find the users for your content. Well, SEO is now much complicated and hard due to a big increase in competition and also some updates by Google that is the top search engine over internet right now. .Now we know that we can’t use techniques that spam search engine because Google is much active and deranking any spam activities so current tricks wouldn’t help in long term. So I wanna share some top software that could help to optimize your content and especially the onpage seo, so check it below.

  1. Traffic Travis
    Best SEO Software-Traffic Travis 1
    It’s one of top most downloadable seo software and  that is usually refered to by lots of developers. It has limited features for free users but still can help completely for any small website with less keywords. It enables to detect any page warnings that are dangerous for seo plus helps to detect backlinks and keyword ranks and in last if we subscribe to their website then we can get any latest emails of updates that help to integrate on website to reduce traffic loss chances.
  2. Keyword Winner
    Best SEO Software-Keyword Winner 2
    Keyword Winner is WordPress Plugin and we can say it’s a top seo premium plugin that helps to target keywords with competition, monthly trend and rank. It’s used by a lot of famous bloggers like John Chow and Zak Johnson. The best thing for that plugin is its use of combinations of some important factors to suggest titles that usually give ranks to get post on the first page of search engines. Lastly it’s a user friendly plugin and easy to use that shows trends and graphical result with nice color to suggest and research keywords. You can get help from their support if you are new to SEO.
  3. WEB CEO
    Best-SEO-SoftwarBest SEO Software Web CEO 3e-Web-CEO-3
    Web CEO is one of old companies that provide mainly two core services, Online and Desktop SEO Tool. They are specialized in auditing websites but have many other features in their seo desktop tool that are usually can find on other software like social, directory and search engine optimization. If you have any big project it is better to buy their services because many big companies like Paypal and IBM use their services.
  4. Advanced Web Ranking
    Best SEO Software-Advanced Web Ranking 4
    It’s one of premium all in one house seo software that is available on all top operating system, linux, windows and mac.AVR have almost all features like web audit, keyword suggestions, competitor monitoring  that can be view on nice easy charts. We can also see Google localization results without getting ban your IP. It also has the option to share projects with other users plus can have multiple users. They have flexible pricing that can be choose with your need.
  5. All-in-One Submission
    Best SEO Software All-in-One Submission 5

    If you are still thinking of external seo then All-in-One Submission could be the best choice. It has a huge list of social bookmarking websites , directories and search engines. We can share our site with page rank without spamming. It has automatic schedules to submit links on any date and time to reduce risk of spam.

All above seo tools help to choose what suit you best with your requirement and I will suggest to use software that helps you more in optimizing your content and onpage seo because it will benefit and save you in longterm.


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