Top 5 Web Hosting Companies Of 2013

If you are new to the web and want to create your own self hosted blog or website, and you don’t have much knowledge about hosting or you are not satisfied with your current host and want to move to another top web host that is more reliable plus not expensive and has a great customer service, then just try one of the five top hosts that i suggest below.


Dreamhost is an old hosting company that started in 1997 and is still at the top. Currently they have more than 1 million domains that are hosting in their servers. Their hosting is much reliable and you won’t find downtime , plus they are good at supporting and usually they resolve problems very fast. If you are planning to start a blog with WordPress then it’s a good idea to use dreamhost because they are a partner of WordPress and their hosting packages suits WordPress  Their $8.95 share hosting plan is famous because you can get unlimited bandwidth, disk space and other important features, but their cpu usage is limited to 240 connections at a time.


linode hosting
If your website has lots of traffic and you are searching for a better vps hosting provider then I think linode is of one of the best vps providers because they have a wide range of vps packages and they have much flexibility so you can have custom vps hosting for a decent price. They have a better support manager and their servers are reliable, which is an important thing for big websites.


mediatemple hosting
Mediatemple is a premium hosting provider and has the most reliable hosting server. Their hosting technology is much advanced and it is impossible to have downtime with them. their packages may be expensive but if you want top quality service you should try them. They have their own custom control panel that is secure and easy to use.


hostgator hosting
If you are trying to find decent cpanel hosting then hostgator is one of the top ones that has the most hosted domains plus has better cpanel share hosting packages that can suit your needs. If you want to open own hosting company then they alsohave nice reseller hosting packages with great service so that you don’t have to worry about customer complaints.


namecheap hosting
You may have heard of namecheap in the domain market but a few years ago they started providing webhosting and you can get shared, vps and their new dedicated servers that are available for good prices. One of the best things – and the reason why I added them to my suggestion list – is their quality customer service. Another plus is that they are more socialized to their customers through social media and you can find great deals and discounts frequently.

I have posted this top 5 hosting provider with a lot of research of the internet and with experience and ranked them according to quality, prices and customer support. I hope you find these suggestions helpful and that it will help to choose the best hosting for your website without a lot of effort.

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