Top 7 Cache Plugins For WordPress

Cache is a need of CMS to reduce server usage and speedup websites. It creates temporary static pages instead of making a whole process of creating a new page for every single user. It is a must have for every WordPress site because it’s very beneficial, especially if you have little server resource.

  1. W3 Total Cache

    It’s one of the most usable cache plugins and has almost all cache features that can be used ┬áto maximize the speed of your website. It’s a little bit confusing to set up and in a recent update they made it a lot more user friendly but still it requires lots of time to configure.
  2. WP Super Cache
    Super cache is almost similar to w3 total cache and has all the same options like object, database and html cache. Usually bloggers do not prefer it due to many errors and because it’s hard setup. Nevertheless it still has some other features. For instance, it takes less space, which can be helpfull if you have a shortage of storage.
  3. Quick Cache

    Quick cache has basic features that are required by normal websites and has easy options to install on your website, plus sometimes increase speed much better than other cache plugins. If you have a limited knowledge of web it’s best to use it.
  4. Hyper Cache

    It can be an alternative to quick cache and really helpful if you have shortage of server resources or have a small blog or website. If you have a shared server or any Microsoft IIS build server that don’t usually support other plugin you can still use cache on your WordPress site.
  5. FlexiCache

    It’s one of the better cache solutions that comes with features like can handle high terrific period with easy settings. It is highly customizable and you can set different cache rules for different pages. It supports SQLite and can be compatible to Multi WordPress.
  6. WP Green Cache

    Green cache for sure decreases load time upto 95 percent, to increase performance and save world resources. It has basic cache option that can help to speedup sites. It’s a light cache plugin and can be quickly configurable.
  7. Nginx Cache Controller
    It’s one of cache plugins that allow to enable cache on open source Nginx server. It comes with some important features to speedup WordPress sites on Nginx servers. It has some defualt settings like exclude comments and delete cache for schedule posts.

All above plugins are described to select one that suites your need to improve performance and take benefit if you have less bandwitch or have limit of other server resources.


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