More Ads On Twitter – Now You Can Be Targeted Based On Email

You probably already know about personalized ads. Often you will get ads that are related to what you are doing on your computer, and sometimes they match your interests. It can still be annoying, because they are still ads, but personalized ads can also be helpful, because they may just direct to you to what you are looking for.

twitter ads

Twitter takes personalized ads a step further: on Tuesday a Twitter official announced that they will now allow marketers to target their ads at specific people, via email. That means that if you are, for instance, a member of a company’s news paper, an official member of a club, or in other ways affiliated with a business, their ads can reach you on Twitter, via your email. Don’t worry, your email address will remain anonymous. Your email address will be scrambled in with a bunch of others, and via a system that Twitter uses, it will then be matched with your account. This means that Twitter won’t actually know who the advertisers are targeting.

Once your account is matched with a certain retailer, you will receive ads on your Twitter profile, such as, possible, Tweets on your feed. But not only costumers and members will be targeted: the retailers will also have access to public Twitter profiles, and via the bios and feeds of users they can see if they are potential costumers or not.

This way of advertising is fairly new, and it is understandable that some people will be offended by it. However, do not worry, because you will remain as anonymous as you always were, and you can choose to switch off the ‘matching’ in your privacy settings. That way you will not be targeted in this specific way by retailers.

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