Useful And Popular Free Android Apps

The Apps that we have selected below are a meant to make your life easier. A smartphone is meant to make your life smarter, lighter and easier. It can be a life safer as well as a money saver if you use it smart. That’s why we provide a list of free Android Apps that truely add something:

  1. GasBuddy
    the best App for finding cheap gas, wherever you are in the USA or in Canada. The App provides you with a list of nearby gasstations, and you can pick the cheapest one.
  2. Best Apps Market
    a reliable App discovery tool. Read lists and tools to organize your downloads and find independent reviews.
  3. iTriage Mobile Health:
    this App was created by doctors. It gives users quick and easy access to medical information and nearby treatment facillities. With a few clicks you will find hospitals, urgent care and pharmacies.
  4. Pulse News
    this App allows you to select 30 online sources to view, and then you can read the pages on clean, magazine like pages. The best reader for Android.

Hopefully this article gives you more insight in what your smartphone is capable of. We strongly recommend everyone to get these free Apps. They will make your life easier.

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