Useful Pinterest Tips For Businesses

Over the years Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media networks, and a lot of businesses are starting to use it. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are afraid to get into stuff like Pinterest, and would rather stick to what they are familiar with: Facebook and Twitter. However, Pinterest pretty much focuses on businesses, which some people may forget. People go on Pinterest to look for images of products with the price tag on it, and this can bring you a lot of costumers. If you want to make a Pinterest account, but you are not sure where to start yet, check here for some tips:


1. Create your account

create a pinterest account
Your account is important, because it is like a visitation card, your own personal brand is on display here and it is the first thing that costumers see when they open your profile. One thing you might wanna add to your account is a Pinterest button, which immediately lets your clients know that you are out there. As for the button, many different choices are avialable, but they have one ultimate goal: let your customers and readers pin your product onto Pinterest with it.

2. Crowdsource

This may seem like an unusual tip, and it is actually only worth it if you have already gained popularity with your product/and or business and if people are already using it: ask fans of your product to take a picture of themselves with their favorite product of your company and tag you in it, and repin the photos to your VIPboar. This way people can see that others are already happy users of your product and that you are a good, reliable business. Of course you could ask fans to do this, but you could also hire sponsors.

3. Update

If you are already into a lot of other social media, you know that we can’t stress it enough: stay active and accurate. On Pinterest your boards are important; maintain they regularly to let people know that you are still out there and that you are a popular business. Don’t forget about Pinterest and update your statusses about once a week, but instead, put going onlinr on your agenda. Look what’s going on at the populzr and everything pins and try to make a post that blends in with it. It is important to stay new and accurate so that people know that you live in the now and that you are a wanted business that is worth gaining their attention.

4. Hashtags

We can’t tell you enough how important hashtags are in the 21st century: they can be the difference between rich and famous and poor an unknown. Always do your best to get your keywords right, and make sure that you got the right hashtags. In this day and age, people find stuff via searches and the searches often go via hashtags, so one word can really make a difference. Try to make your hashtag relevant, and maybe try to search on Google or see trends if they are popular before using them. If you see that nobody is using or looking for the hashtag you intend to use, you may want to rephrase it a little bit, because that usually means that not too many people are searching for your keywords. Try to make your hastags not too long, and don’t be too creative with them. Know when to stop.

5. Get a links

pinterest page weebsite link
If you have your own business website to promote, be sure to add link on your pins.You can give links on source tab that available on Pinterest pins or you can also add verified website link to your Pinterest page.

Hopefully these tips help you to promote your webpage via Pinterest a little better. It is always good to be on a lot of social networks to promote your business and/or products and it is even more effective when you are doing it right. Good luck.

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