Useful Tips To Sell More Gigs On Fiverr

By now you have probably already heard about On this website people sell various different services for $5 (which comes down to $4, because Fiverr takes $1). These services are called ‘gigs’, and if you are good at it and a lot of people buy your services you can earn some good money from Fiverr. Services that people offer include translating, writing, drawing, designing, and lots of other things. Below we have listed 5 tips that will help you sell more gigs, so that you can get the most your Fiverr account.

fiverr tips

1. Don’t offer too much of your time for a little bit of money

Since you only earn $4 for every gig, it is better to divide your services in more than one part: don’t offer to write ‘an article’ in your gig, but offer to write 500 words. If people want an article that is more than 500 words they will have to buy an additional gig from you. This way you avoid wasting a whole day on earning $4 dollars. Also, for some gigs you might have to travel or buy things, so make sure that you earn more than you have to invest. Work out how much time you spend on doing the things you do on average, and base your services on that amount of time.

2. Be up to date

If you are offering a service, then you might want to go back and change it every once in a while to show the people that you are still out there and that you are still offering the gig. Lots of times people don’t update their gigs for a long time, so that users aren’t sure if they are still available. This way you can lose a lot of potential customers. Simply updating your gig every one or two months to show that you are still active can really make a difference.

3. Offer Bonuses

There are a lot of people on Fiverr that are offering similar gigs, and users get to choose between hundreds and sometimes thousands of sellers. Many sellers become popular overtime, and people are more likely to buy from someone who has already sold a big share of gigs and who has received plenty of good reviews. If you are new on Fiverr, or if you just feel like the competition is too strong, you can offer bonuses on your gigs: for example, if you are a writer, you can offer to write double the amount of words for the same money for the first 5 or 10 buyers. This way people will start buying from you and eventually you won’t need to give out bonuses anymore.

4. Reviews

Reviews are a very important thing on Fiverr, especially when you are new to the site and you have only had one or two customers. The last thing that you are going to want is a negative review on your page. People will definitely not buy a gig from a seller whos first or second review was a negative one. You should always treat every costumer like they are kings and invest time in their gigs.You will feel very good about yourself with every positive review that you get and it will be the first thing that potential costumers look at.

5. Show your work

It is hard for people to judge your work before they have actually seen it, and a lot of times they would rather buy from a seller who has plenty of examples on their page. Of course, not everything can be displayed, but if you are an artist, for example, it is easy to upload a few pictures of your best work onto your profile. This will be one of the first things that buyers will be drawn to.

If you are new to Fiverr you are really going to want to appear unique cause in order to beat the competition you have to stand out. You need to make sure that you come off as professional and good at your job. The tips above have helped me a lot on Fiverr, so I hope that they will help you too.

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