Useful Tips To Work More Efficiently

Work is important, and most people make a point of delivering their work on time and as good as it gets. However, sometimes you may find that your day is a little too short for you, that you don’t have enough energy to complete important jobs or that you are simply not in the right mindset. If you follow the few tips that we listed below you will learn how to get the most out of your (work) day and how to save time that you can spend relaxing and not thinking about work. Check them out below:

work efficiency

1. Plan

It happens to everyone: you don’t plan ahead and you end up doing your important tasks at the last moment, and in a hurry. If you keep putting off your work you will see that in the end it leaves you stressed, exhausted and not completely satisfied with the work that you delivered. Chances are that while you are busy in other things the work that you are postponing keeps entering your mind and stressing you out a little bit. Don’t do it to yourself. I am personally a big fan of planning. Sure, it isn’t fun and planning takes some time and skill. But you will see that if you spend 30 minutes every weekend, planning your work ahead, you will have a much easier life. Eventually you will become a skilled planner and find a method that works for you.

2. Tired

If you are often without energy, or if you didn’t sleep enough, there are lots of tricks that will keep you awake throughout the day and give you a little more energy to complete your works. Of course, if you find yourself not sleeping every night before a meeting or if you have problems getting less than six hours of sleep every day, you should visit a doctor, but not feeling energized is a pretty common problem. If you are feeling sleepy you probably want to take a nap, but avoid closing your eyes for more than 10 minutes. Taking a 5 minute catnap or powernap can help you regain some energy, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Don’t drink too much caffeine, because once you stop drinking coffee you will get a burn-out, which will leave you even more exhausted. Instead, drink one or two cups of coffee and drink a glass of water for every cup of coffee that you take. Water keeps you energized. Eat fruits and avoid sugary stuff, as it only keeps you energized for a few minutes and you will get more tired once the effects wear off.

3. Divide tasks

Divide Tasks
It is good to find a balance at work: when you are doing one task, it is generally better to stick to that and not do other things in between. Distraction ruins your concentration and it is a waste of time. Instead, plan your tasks ahead and do them one by one. If you feel like you are getting distracted you can take a 5 minute coffee break and get back to the same task that you are working on. Some things are harder to do than others and sometimes you get really frustrated while working on a project, and you feel like you need to start another. This is hardly ever a good idea, because the job will always stay difficult and people that have 5 tasks running in the background are more often than not under a lot of stress. Once you have completed a difficult task, reward yourself with a break and follow it up with a lighter task.

4. Keep your office clean

One thing that distracts us while we are working is when we can’t find something on our desk, or even worse, if we can’t find something and we know that it could be anywhere in our office or in the house. It is important to create a clean, organized work environment for yourself, and not to make your office look like a lady’s purse. One important thing is to keep your work-related things at work (unless if it’s a laptop or a tablet or something else that you really need to use at home). Buy 10 pens for a dollar and leave them at your office. Do not take them home. Keep your desk clean, throw papers and other things that you don’t need anymore in the trash can or store them in a separate place. You will be a lot more productive if you are working in a nice place that you keep clean for yourself and a nice office will keep you motivated.

It is very normal to get distracted at work, or to not get things done in time. Lots of people say that they don’t like planning or that they are not good at organizing, while everyone who is willing to invest a little bit of time in it can learn these skills.

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