Users Not Satisfied With The Newly Released Instagram App For Windows Phone

The extremely popular photo-sharing and social networking website, Instagram, has had an app for iOS and Android for years, and has finally released an app for Windows Phone today, but it is missing a few essential features.

Instagram BETA Windows Phone

Instagram has over a 150 million users, and as a result, many unofficial Instagram apps has already been circling the Windows Phone platform, but users were still hoping for an official app to come out. Now that has finally happened. The app is labeled as ‘beta’ in the Windows Store, and is expected to gain a lot of features over time. However, there isn’t much that the app actually can do.

The most important features of the Instagram app on iOS and Android are missing in the beta version of Instagram for Windows Phone. It is not possible to take pictures directly with the app, tag people in photos, or upload videos, or view maps from geotagged photos. Users are able to view videos, and use photos from their camera role to edit them in the app. “Windows Phone users will be directed to their camera roll instead of a camera interface initially, where they have the option to either select an existing photo or take a new photo to apply filter to before sharing”, stated a Microsoft spokesman.

The thing that most users will miss about the Windows version of the Instagram app is probably the video uploading option, but luckily that is going to change in the future. “We’re not finishes and our team will continue developing the Windows Phone app to keep releasing features and bringing you the best Instagram possible'”, said another Windows Spokesperson.

Unfortunately it does not look like Instagram is making plans for a built-in camera in the Windows app any time soon. “As with every platform we take into account how users are using the platform natively, and thought this was the best approach”, said Instagram.

Although users will still be able to enjoy the photo filters that Instagram offers, this beta version is very incomplete, and if it doesn’t get better overtime there is a good chance that Windows Phone users are going to go back to unofficial Instagram apps.

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