Viber Is Now Available On PC

viber for PC

As of yesterday, Viber is also available for Mac and PC. This is very convenient if you are a user of Viber already. Viber CEO Talmon Marco announced that it is possible to switch devices while messaging and transfer calls between mobile and desktop, which can be useful in the office where users have laptops or desktops close by.

For those who don’t know Viber, a simple explanation is that the app works in a way that is similar to Skype with similar features: it has a voice calling option, you can send videos and photos, share your location, ass emotions, send free text messages over wifi or 3G and there is a group messaging option.

Over a 200 million people use Viber messaging app on their smartphones already; the app is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. It has an easy set up process where it uses the users phone number as their ID. If you sign up to Viber, you receive a simple code with which you can activate your account. Skype, Nimbuzz and other messaging apps are harder to manage and don’t work as harmoniously with the cellphone it is being used on.


The desktop release of Viber is a part of the upgrade, Viber 3.0. This newer version of  the app has more video message options, performance improvements, better photo experience and a total of ten different languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, simplified Chinese, French, Albanian, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian and Portuguese). The newest version of Viber on Android is also much better secured than the previous version, where hackers could access phones running the Google operating system through Viber.

The Viber Company said that Viber Desktop is going to be the first Viber application that offers video calls, something that is not yet possible with the mobile app.

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