VPS Hosting Comparison: OpenVZ Vs Xen

It always confuse when anyone wanna upgrade to VPS hosting but there are two platform that mostly all hosting companies provide and its hard to suggest which to choose.Both platform  have their own benefit and its better to know some main features that could help you to choose.

I will share 3 important features that can make a difference between Xen and Open VZ:

  • Dedicated:  Xen is para-virtualization. That means it runs in the same way as a dedicated server. We can have full root access and run our own IO Kernel modules. It supports windows and linux and it is more customizable .Open VZ operating-system-level virtualization and have the same kernel modules for every one. It shares configurations to every user in the same OS.
  • Memory:  Xen has full dedicated memory available. It means that if you have 512 ram you can use it all for resources and other swap memory is available if your usage breaks the limit while in Open VZ. You can have almost 95% memory and use the rest for cache or for miscellaneous usage.
  • Performance: For performance mostly developers prefer Xen because it’s more dedicated and has more available memory. If any application uses resource limit then xen has better swaping which reduces server crashes. That’s why java and other application  usually work more better on Xen.

If you are using any small application or any small CMS like WordPress or Drupal then you can use Open VZ because it’s cheaper. If you have a big website with a lot of users it’s better to use Xen because it’s more reliable.

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