Websites To Visit When You’re Bored

Everyone has boring days on which they can’t decide what to do. The internet is full of interesting websites, and you know that there are plenty of places to visit if you want to have a laugh or read something weird, but you don’t always know where to start, so you usually end up checking your mail and your Facebook again and again, never really satisfied. Luckily, we have searched some of the greatest sites that get rid of your boredom. Check them out below:

1. Best of Craigslist

You probably know what Craigslist is: it’s a website where you can sell and find things to buy, and you can search and offer jobs on there. However, the site also has a hilarious side to it, the Best of Craigslist section. The ads that get are on this section of the site were nominated by users and they contain some of the strangest ads you will ever see. They include people complaining about the thing that they are selling, people trying to get rid of their annoying roommates or mothers, and weird stories about people farting at work. I guarantee you that you will not get bored with this website.

2. Uncyclopedia

Of course, this is a satire of Everything that is posted onto Uncyclopedia is basically false information and some of the articles are just hilarious. Uncyclopedia grew a lot over the years and now they cover a huge range of subjects, like Justin Bieber (“a Canadian teenager with two undeniable, if dubious, talents: the ability to make men of all ages furious.”). It is a very versatile food, used in sandwiches, breakfast, and especially soda.”) and towels (“The first towel was born on July 23, 2018. It was called Gilbert, unless of course it was called something else. It was created by Albert Einstein’s son’s son’s son, who was called Herford.”).

3. Reddit

reddit fun
This is one of the funniest social media websites. It is a great website for people who like to know what’s going on with the world, but don’t like to take the time out to read through an entire newspaper. Anyone can post any kind of link or picture on and users vote it the best ones up. You can browse through different sections on the website – hot, new, rising, controversial, top, gilded and wiki – and find all sorts of things. You can find the funniest memes and jokes, but also more serious articles that are news- or politics related, and rants from random people that feel a need to complain about something.

Hopefully these sites get rid of some of the boredom for you. There are great websites in several corners of the internet and they are not always easy to find (unless if you’re a High School or a college student, when everyone around you talks about them). Please tell us which sites you visit when you’re bored.

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