What To Do If Your iPhone Won’t Charge

It is every iPhone owner’s nightmare: you plug in your phone and wait for the beep to come, but it just won’t charge. If this has ever happened to you, you know how scary it is. Lots of people panic when their iPhone won’t charge, and drag it to the Apple Store right away. However, you should stay calm because if your iPhone doesn’t charge that doesn’t mean that your battery is broken. There are a few steps that you can take to determine what is wrong with your iPhone, and why it’s not charging. Check them out below:

iPhone charging fix

1. Check the port

Sometimes your iPhone simply won’t charge because there is some lint stuck in the port. This is not a very common problem, but it certainly happens. So before you do anything drastic, check your port for lint first. If your iPhone’s port is full of lint it probably doesn’t conduct electricity, so you if you see that some is stuck in the port, you should clean it out with a piece of cloth, or by blowing into it.

2. Try a different charger

different iPhone chargers
Another very simple step that can spare you a lot of trouble. iPhone cords are known to break easily, and it is very possible that you can’t plug your phone in because the charger is broken, even if you don’t see damage on the outside. When my iPhone didn’t charge a few days ago, I took it to the iPhone store and asked a genius if I could use one of there chargers and when I plugged my phone into one of the Apple store’s chargers it did work. I also got a new cord for free, because of the one year warranty.

3. Make sure that the charger is sending enough power

iPhone charging options
The iPhone requires a certain amount of power in order to charge the device, so if you recently started charging your phone in a USB keyboard on your computer keyboard or another strange place, the problem may be that the source doesn’t output enough power to charge your phone. So make sure that you are charging your phone in a place with enough power output.

4. Go to the Apple Store

If you tried all the steps above and your phone still won’t charge, you should really let one of the geniuses at the Apple store look at it, because then it is most likely a problem with your iPhone. This can cost you a lot, because a battery replacement costs $79, but it also depends on your Apple Care insurance.

Sometimes it can be really frustrating when something goes wrong with your phone and lots of people panic when a small problem like this occurs, but there is often no need for it. It is always better to stay calm and look at all your options. If you recently had a problem with your battery and solved it in a different way than the ways we listed above, please let us know in the comment section.

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