What To Do When Your iPhone Is Lost Or Stolen

It is becoming more easy to find your phone back when it is lost, and if it is stolen there are now options to block your phone entirely, so that if it is stolen, no one gets access to your private information and files. If you have the iPhone 5 or over you can use Find My iPhone to track your phone. Check out a few of the steps below if your iPhone is lost or stolen and you don’t know what to do:

Stolen iPhone

1. Find My iPhone

If you have the Find My iPhone mode to ‘on’, you can try to track your iPhone via that. Go to iCloud.com and log in with your Apple ID and click on Find My iPhone. You will then see your phone located on a map, provided that it is connected to the internet and not on Airplane Mode. This way you can see whether your phone is moving, laying on a street somewhere, and it is a good way to make sure that it is not in your house somewhere.

2. Set your iPhone in Lost Mode

Go to iCloud.com/#find and login with your Apple ID. Then click on ‘all devices’ and select your phone. Then, if you click on Lost Mode, your device automatically gets locked. If you don’t have a passcode yet, you will be asked to make one, and you can also enter a phone number and a message that will appear on your iPhone’s lockscreen. That way nobody has access to your files, but if an honest person finds your phone they know how to return it to you.

3. Contact the police

It is not very common anymore, but it happens that once an iPhone is stolen, you are still able to track it with Find My iPhone. If that’s the case, and it is not returned to you, you need to contact the police. File a report of your stolen iPhone, and in some cases they will use Find My iPhone to track the thief. This is not always the case, but it’s well worth a try.

It is better to make sure that your iPhone is protected at all times, so that these three steps are easier to take when it is stolen or lost. Make sure that you have Find My iPhone set to ‘on’, and it is always safer to have a passcode. If logging in every time you want to use your iPhone bothers you, you can set it to where it locks after 15 minutes or an hour only. Good luck!

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