Best Windows 8 And 8.1 Themes & Visual Styles

Windows 8.1 is currently the newest version of Microsoft Windows OS and have different style of start menu plus some other fonts, icons and etc. You might be bored from your default windows theme and design or you like classic start menu and need other style to give little different decent look to your Windows 8 then check some top beautiful themes and styles that I suggested below.

Base Windows 8 / 8.1 Theme

Base Windows 8 Theme
Black is one of favorite color and you could easily find it in any gadget or any luxury product. If you have a white laptop or any matched color LCD then you could use base theme that have combination of black color with white, gray and red color. Its fully stylish theme with change icons and task bar icon with other customized look. You could even get old start menu and to get installation  information check link here.

Aero Glass Windows 8 / 8.1 Theme

Aero Glass
Aero Glass change the look of borders of your windows to transparent that allow to see any thing behind it plus give a cool look to theme. Its easily customizable and you could even change color that you want from windows settings without editing theme files. It use less CPU usage and without running any thing on background service that could slow your PC. Try Aero Glass theme from here.

Snowy8 Windows 8 / 8.1 Theme

Snowy8 Windows 8 theme
Snowy8 is an another beautiful visual style that give a different cool look to start menu, taskbar and etc. It change buttons, icons and other options plus have flat and gradient designs. It support all colors that you could choose according to your wallpaper or any color that suits you. You can check more details from here.

Elegant Visual Style Windows 8 / 8.1

Elegant Windows 8 Theme
This visual style have a classic dark design with new circular buttons for close, minimize and have different background with new task bar icons. You can use this theme if you like dark black design or black with different combination. You might need some patch like other themes and you can download this theme with all instruction from here.

Colors Of Nature Theme

Colors Of Nature Windows 8 theme
This is an official windows theme that add natural contras to your desktop with some beautiful natural wallpaper to give a nice look your windows. Its easy to install plus you don’t need any patches or settings and you can download it from here.

I hope you will like all suggestions and try any of it to give a cool beautiful look to your windows and it will make you to like your PC more. Some of themes need patches that you could get from theme page and also the old start menu that are in some theme images.

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