Windows 8 Tricks: How To Use An Older Version Of Windows Media Player In Windows 8

Windows 8 launched six months ago with a new big metro style update that creates a similar interference for all PC, Tablet and mobile users and. The update frustrated some PC users due to big changes but now it’s being used by everyone. Other than this big update they also added some cool things and some of those are not that famous so I wanna share a cool hidden windows 8 trick that could bring back windows media player to the previous version and also you can back up to a newer version.

To see this trick first open the latest windows media player from start menu

Then Press Ctrl+3 to use an older version of windows media player


And if you want to use another older version of windows media player then press Ctrl+2


If you want to go back to the newest version again then press Ctrl+1.

I hope you like this trick and for more windows 8 tips and tricks check here and like and tweet this article to share it more.

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