Windows Phone 8.1 Adds Most-Wanted Features To The Mix

The Windows Phone has become more popular in the last year, and it has its own app store that has recently reached over 200,000 apps. But despite the fact that the Windows Phone is very much its ‘own phone’, many people still think of the device as a lesser alternative to iOS and Android. However, Windows announced that they have made the choice to include two popular Android and iOS features into the new Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Mostwanted Features

The Windows Phone 8.1, which will be released in April, and reportedly it will include two features that will get a lot of fans exited: it will have a Microsoft version of Apple’s Siri (which will be called ‘Cortana). Siri s of course a feature that allows users to control their voice by talking to it. Siri can do a lot of things for users, such as make calls, give out reminders and look up information. Android already has its own alternative to Siri: Google Now.

Secondly, the Windows Phone 8.1 will include a notification center, which will allow users to see all of their notifications in the same place.

Another rumor that has been circling about the WP is that the newest device will have navigation buttons instead of physical keys. This generally makes smartphones faster and easier to use, and is likely to make more people step over to the Windows Phone.

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