Windows Phone App For Desktop Is Now Available

Finally Microsoft launched windows phone app For Desktop that was on beta. It is now available for windows 7, 8 and Mac. Previously windows phone didn’t have apps like iTunes and Nokia suits that help mobile users to sync mobile data like contacts, pictures and videos to their PC. To know what windows phone apps can do check out some big features below:

  • Windows phone app can automatically transfer pictures and videos that you have in your phone to your PC.
  • It has simple settings to update your mobile apps automatically from your PC.
  • You can import your iTunes data like movies and songs and you can transfer those to Windows mobile or to Zune HD.
  • It can show your mobile settings like ringtones, and spaces that files use and you can delete or change settings with that app.
  • Lots of errors and bugs from previous version are fixed and now that app performance is also increased.

Other than those features some features are unavailable, like you can’t sync data wirelessly and that app won’t run on the latest Microsoft Windows RT OS.

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