Best Free Windows Screen Recorders

You may need to capture your desktop screen for lots of tasks, like to making a video tutorial for YouTube or for a presentation of your assignment. Or you might want to make a ‘how-to’ video for any software or app. There are many free and paid screen recording apps with high and low CPU usage, less or no rendering time and have other miscellaneous options. I want to share a few of those top free recording tools below from which you can choose one easily.

Electa live screen recorder

electa screen recorder
Electa live is one of the lightest screen recorders with different features. For instance, you can record full or selected area screen or webcam with watermark or logo and can choose screen the resolution with frame rate. You can record both systems or mic sounds, plus it allows you to a choose mouse cursor if you need it for any tutorial. You might need to understand its functions as this software is not that user friendly but it has all the useful features, plus it doesn’t take rendering time and uses less memory that you can download from here.


Screenr is an online tool that allows you to record videos with the help of java through their website. It allows you to create an account and record videos for five minutes for free. They allow less features, like no logo, but they host it for free and you can download it with high quality. You can use their pro service if you need extra functions but if you want to create small tutorials then this app is best for you.


You can use CamStudio, alternative to electa recorder for creating presentation for students or demonstrations for any tool with good sound quality and effects. It use swf for recording video with optimize video quality that uses less bandwidth and can play fast with low internet speed if you want to upload it to the internet.

There are lots of other softwares like camtasia and etc but they are paid or too slow, and they often use a lot of CPU memory and will be useless if you want to record big software or video games. You shouldn’t try too many other softwares, as I chose these three after testing many other software, plus it could be a time consuming task.

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